Halton FASD Collaborative

Halton FASD Collaborative

The Halton FASD Collaborative consists of dedicated professionals and parents who represent 31 Halton-based service agencies. We are supported by a three-year grant by the Ontario Trillium Foundation (ending January 2017)

Mission: To respond to the unique needs of children, youth, adults (birth to 24 years) and their families affected by FASD in Halton Region ensuring that FASD can be identified early and that residents of Halton who are living with the effects of FASD and their families/caregivers receive the support they need to live satisfying lives

The Collaborative has an active Steering Committee and five working groups focusing on Prevention, Intervention, Diagnosis and Assessment, Justice and Parent Support/Advocacy.


Working Group Purpose
 Prevention To address identified gaps in FASD prevention in Halton, develop and promote effective strategies, resources and programs that address alcohol use in pregnancy.
 Intervention & Support To build capacity within service sectors and systems and the general community to be able to response appropriately to the unique and diverse needs of those living with FASD.
 Justice To work with justice system personnel to increase knowledge and awareness of the impact of FASD in the court system.
 Diagnosis & Assessment To increase both the availability of diagnostic services and accessibility to resources for individuals with FASD and their families.
 Parent Support & Advocacy  To support those caring for and supporting individuals with FASD living in Halton.