TOP 5 Books Recommended by Parents:

1. Trying Differently Rather Than Harder by Diane Malbin M.S.W., book, 2002.
Your FASD primer. The link between brain and behavior. Be transformed.

2. Fantastic Antone succeeds! Experiences in educating children with fetal alcohol syndrome, edited by Judith Kleinfeld and Siobhan Wescott, book, 1993.

3. Fantastic Antone Grows Up: adolescents and adults with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, edited by Judith Kleinfeld with Barbara Morse and Siobhan Westcott, book, 2000. Find out what success means and how to achieve it. These books are filled with demonstrated strategies from caregivers and professionals in the Yukon.

4. Mystery of Risk: Drugs, Alcohol, Pregnancy and The Vulnerable Child by Ira Chasnoff MD, book, 2011.
An in-depth analysis of the science, research and public policy on FASD. How development, behavior and learning are impacted by alcohol and drug use during pregnancy. Learn why medications work some of the time but not all of the time. Fascinating read.

5. Safe and Secure, Six Steps to Creating A Good Life for People with Disabilities by Al Etmanski, Plan Toronto, $10,
Take control by creating a future plan document for a loved one with a disability. Includes several family stories.

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