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Online Training

CanFASD FREE Online Training – Foundations in FASD

Foundations in FASD is a basic training course intended for everyone that will come into contact with individuals with FASD including all sectors of work, families, individuals with FASD, spouses, and the general public. This foundational level training program provides the perspective of individuals who have FASD, is evidence-based, employs a culturally sensitive approach, and is presented in a way that is responsive to the learner’s needs.

Title: Justin’s Video

FASD – Raising Awareness in Halton

Title:  Caregiver Curriculum on FASD 2014


Purpose:  To provide a venue for caregivers including foster parents, families, kinship care, youth and child care workers, child welfare services, and others trying to understand and cope with many of the life challenges faced by children with FASD.

Content:  Power Point and PDF versions of files are available for all modules.  There is an Overview and Instructions followed by a Welcome and Disclaimer.  Content consists of 6 modules covering a wide variety of topics, from understanding FASD to special topics such as grief and loss and working with professionals.

Audience:  For anyone who wants to learn more about FASD.  Users can pick and choose the modules they are most interested in.  Users can go at their own pace.