You can prevent FASD by knowing the facts!

Question: Is it okay to have a drink alcohol during pregnancy?

Fact: There is no safe amount of alcohol to drink at any time of the pregnancy. Alcohol affects the growth and formation of the brain from the day of conception. So there is no safe amount and no safe time to drink alcohol during a pregnancy.  Zero matters!

Question:  How do you define a “drink”?

Fact:  Alcohol is present in beer, coolers, wine and spirits. A standard drink is defined as:

    • 12 oz. glass of 5% alcohol content (beer, cider, cooler)
    • 5 oz. glass of wine with 12% alcohol content
  • 1.5 oz. serving of 46% distilled alcohol content (rye, gin, rum etc.)

Remember, some types of drinks may have a higher concentration of alcohol, such as fortified wines and mixed drinks.

Question:  Is it true that babies with FASD are born to women who are heavy drinkers, binge drinkers or alcoholics?

Fact:  Since there is no safe amount of alcohol to drink at any time during pregnancy, even a casual drinker could have a child with FASD. This means that any female who may be drinking (even a glass of wine at dinner) may have a child with FASD!  If you THINK you may be pregnant – it is important to overcome social pressure and avoid alcohol.

Question: I am not planning on getting pregnant, so why do I have to worry about FASD?

Fact:  Fifty percent (50%) of pregnancies are unplanned.  All females of child-bearing age, who are sexually active and drink alcohol, are at risk of giving birth to a child with FASD. No female intentionally seeks to harm her unborn child, but drinking when you “could be pregnant” is not safe. There is no safe time and no safe amount of alcohol!


I enjoy going out with friends for a drink. Can I still do this if I’m pregnant?

Fact: You can still enjoy going out with friends and protect your baby by not drinking alcohol. You can order soft drinks or mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails) and still have a good time being part of the group.

Question: How do I respond when my friends or partner say “just have one drink”?

Answer:  If people urge you to have a drink, tell them that research shows there is no safe amount of alcohol when you’re pregnant. You’re doing what is best for your baby.

Question: I can’t tell my friends I may be pregnant – what do I do?

Fact: If you’re not ready to tell people you’re pregnant but still want to be part of a night out, volunteer to be the designated driver. Use other excuses, like saying you have an early morning and need a clear head, or whatever works best for you! Remember, you are protecting your unborn baby by not drinking alcohol!

Question:  I’m not pregnant but I’m concerned about the amount I drink. Where can I go for help?

Fact: If you have concerns about your drinking, you can:

    • talk to your health care provider

For local help: