Reach For IT!

Reach For IT!


Mission Statement:  The mission of REACH For It! is to provide recreational programming for children, youth and their families living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. It is an adapted program, providing a high level of supervision, safety and learning for the participants. This program is inclusive and provides a positive environment for children where we can assist to mitigate the secondary disabilities of FASD.

Vision:  A program where children, youth and families living with FASD experience success and recognize their strengths.

Core Values:

  1. Children, Youth and Families Living with FASD:  We support children, youth and families living with FASD as they demonstrate and recognize their full potential.
  2. Partnerships and Collaboration:  We recognize the importance of collaboration and partnerships with agencies, volunteers and funders.
  3. Service Excellence: We provide the best possible service using FASD informed best practice and feedback from our participants, volunteers, partners and funders.

What is REACH For It! all about?  During each REACH For It! program participants are matched with a 1:1 volunteer.  Each volunteer uses an FASD informed approach and understands the accommodations required for success.  The events are adapted to maximize success.  Examples of adaptations include: visual schedules, reducing environmental stimuli, 1:1 support.  Activities are adapted to reduce frustration and increase self esteem.

For more information about REACH For It! events please contact: Kayla Guerin at