Case Conferences

Case conferences are an opportunity for caregivers and professionals supporting an individual with FASD to come together with members of the Halton FASD Resource Team to discuss using an FASD informed approach. This can include learning about how the brain based needs of an individual with FASD are contributing to current challenges, and how to reframe support through core philosophies about an FASD informed approach. Note, the individual with FASD does not attend a case conference.

The goal of a Halton FASD Case Conference is to provide the most current practice philosophy and principles in the field of FASD and to apply this knowledge specifically to the work being done to support the child, youth or adult you are working with. These case conferences may assist with:

  • a better understanding of the needs of individuals living with FASD,
  • establishing shared beliefs and priorities
  • coaching with a FASD perspective
  • expanding skills and knowledge within the family‚Äôs circle of support

Access the Referral Process

Access the Referral Package and Consent Form using this link Referral Package