Training and Events

Upcoming Training - Fall 2022 / Winter 2023

For those working directly with individuals with FASD, it is highly recommended they attend training provided by the Halton FASD Resource Team.  Learning objectives of this training include: 

  • How prenatal exposure to alcohol affects brain and body development
  • How FASD impacts behaviour and functioning
  • A framework for supporting individuals with FASD across the lifespan
  • How to build success in the day of an individual with FASD

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Awareness presentations are 90 minute presentations that provide an introduction to FASD.  These are ideal for agencies whose staff need to understand the importance of recognizing symptoms of FASD in their clients and the need for a brain based approach to support.  These presentations can be provided free of charge to agencies by a member of the Halton FASD Resource Team. To book an awareness presentation, contact Ginny Fazari

Additionally there are elearning modules available on specific topics related to FASD. Below are links to these modules:

FASD: Moving Forward After Diagnosis

Living on the Flip Side – A Caregivers Perspective
English –

French –

FASD in the Early Years

Breaking Down Barriers – FASD Considerations in the Justice System