Training + Events

Awareness presentations are 90 minute presentations that provide an introduction to FASD.  These are ideal for agencies whose staff need to understand the importance of recognizing symptoms of FASD in their clients and the need for a brain based approach to support.  These presentations can be provided free of charge to agencies by a member of the Halton FASD Resource Team. To book an awareness presentation, contact Ginny Fazari    

Case Conferences

Case conferences are an opportunity for caregivers and professionals supporting an individual with FASD to come together with members of the Halton FASD Resource Team to discuss using an FASD informed approach.  This can include learning about how the brain based needs of an individual with FASD are contributing to current challenges, and how to reframe support through core philosophies about an FASD informed approach.  Note, the individual with FASD does not attend a case conference.

Assessment + Diagnostic Team

The Halton FASD Assessment & Diagnostic Team is composed of 8-10 professionals from various disciplines and agencies.  These disciplines include psychology, speech language pathology, occupational therapy, and physicians.  Members of the team will be trained in best practice assessment (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: A Guideline for Diagnosis across the lifespan).   

New Virtual Case Consultations Dates 2020 – 2021

HaltonFASD: We Are Not Invisible

We work together to prevent and promote a system of care for the well-being of individual at-risk or living with the effects of FASD.